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Phuket Marine Biological center (PMBC) would like to announce the publication of Phuket Marine Biological Center Research Bulletin in September 2013.

This volume comprises six papers, two of which cover taxonomic studies of sigalionid polychaetes from the Andaman Sea with a description of an additional species from off the coast of South Africa; a taxonomic paper on Rhizaria arising from a project involving the bar coding of foraminifera in the Andaman Sea in 2011which was a collaborative research effort between Phuket Marine Biological Center, Aarhus University in Denmark and the University of Geneva, Switzerland; a paper on interspecific competition among scleractinian corals in Koh Tan in Surat Thani Province resulting from the Khanom Marine Biodiversity Initiative Project during 2006-2009; a paper on re-examination of Epigones thai Prokofier and Bussarawit, a deep water cardinalfish currently known only from the Andaman Sea and finally a paper describing the first capture of a mimic octopus in Thai waters. For details, please download the PDF at

PMBC Research Bulletin is dedicated to marine science and biodiversity in Thai waters on the western edge of the Coral Triangle which is recognized as the most diverse tropical marine biological area in the world. Our URL is

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PMBC Research Bulletin Bulletin Editorial Board

Mr. Somkiat Khokiattiwong (Editor in Chief)

Prof. Dr. Barbara E. Brown (Editor)

Dr. Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong, Ms. Vararin Vongpanich, Dr. Nalinee Thongtham, Dr. Charatsee Aungtonya,  Ms. Thitima Pinmanee and Ms. Chadarat Artikitroongruang (Assistant Editors)